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Products and Services:


  • 30 year fixed rate mortgage loans

  • ARM mortgage loans with fixed periods of 3 yrs., 5 yrs., 7yrs., and 10 yrs.

  • 15 & 20 year fixed rate mortgage loans

  • Streamline refinance - you may qualify for a "streamline refinance" which have no fees, no points and NO INCREASE in your california mortgage loan amount.


  • Ability to Shop At Home: You can inquire or submit an application for a California mortgage loan in the privacy of your home or office.

  • Convenience: We are approved with over 46 Mortgage Investors giving you, the borrower the advantage of our expertise in finding the program that will best suit YOUR needs, saving you countless hours going from one bank or lender to another.

  • Free Analysis: We offer a variety of powerful financial analysis reports for FREE including; Pre-Qualification to Income Analysis, Qualify Borrower to Property Analysis, Rent vs. Own Analysis, Refinance Breakeven Analysis, and the Mortgage loan Prepayment Analysis.

  • Loan Amortization Schedule : We will create an amortization schedule for your mortgage loan, Free.

  • No Up Front Fees You pay nothing for this service: There are no fees unless we are able to fund the mortgage loan of your choice.