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Platinum Funding is a full service Mortgage Banker located in Irvine, California. The company was founded in 1998. The members of our executive management team have led the industry for over twenty-five years. We take pride in our unblemished track record and history of responsible lending, the positive result of simply following our principles and always putting our customers first.

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 ** If Interest rates drop, Platinum Funding Group, Inc. will waive the lender’s fee of (up to) $995 and split the cost of the appraisal (up to $192.50) on your future refinance.  Your loan approval for the future refinance is not guaranteed. You must fully qualify for the refinance and meet all the requirements of the loan program you select at the time you apply for the refinance. The appraised value of your home for the future refinance is not guaranteed. There must be a full appraisal of your home when the new refinance is requested and the value at that time must be acceptable for the program and loan terms you request. The interest rate for the future refinance is not guaranteed. You will have to qualify for the loan requested, and will be quoted the interest rates in effect at the time of your next refinance.







Tom Emberson- 6/13/2011


Simply put, Tiffany gets the job done!!! Not only is she quick & efficient,but she keeps her word,and delivers the bottom line in abundance. A pleasure to work with :)


David Fournier , CEO , Mortgage Success Source July 14, 2010

Tiffany is one of the most talented Loan Professionals in the industry. She daily displays and incredibly high degree of integrity and perseverance. She faces adversity with amazing courage and cheerfulness not seen in many people. Anyone who has worked with Tiffany has been better for experience.


 Patrick Taylor, Vice President, Ticor Title company-March 22, 2008  

"Tiffany and I have worked together for almost 15 years. She has done hundreds of transaction with my company with great results. She is sincere and hardworking as well as loyal, a few rare qualities in our business. I am grateful to have the opportunity of working with Platinum over all these years! sincerely Patrick Taylor V.P."


Larry Liberty, April 7, 2008

"Tiffany is the personification of customer-focused, creative in solving your problem, and professional. Each quality she has (and there are many others) she brings fully to a customer relationship. I often use her as an example for others when I have average or inadequate service. She is special and it is great to have her on my side. I have known and worked with Tiffany Taylor and Platinum Funding for over 20 years. I have personally refinanced and financed two homes and had two other loans with Platinum Funding during that period. I consider 5 stars to mean that they operate from and with Integrity, Honesty, and transparency in their business dealing AND that they make me, as the customer, the center of the business transaction. I can affirm that this is a 5 star organization and business. I recommend Platinum Funding to my friends and family without hesitation. In a world where instant gratification is the norm Tiffany and her firm stand out as a lasting and long-term commitment to taking care of their customers. Lars Liber Ph.D. Sacramento,CA

David Lowry, Lowry Wealth Management                              March10,2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Tiffany is the consummate professional. She is very personable, intelligent, and an expert in her field. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my clients, friends or family.”


Ja Ki  Sungail- Ca 06/15/2010


Is there anything more important to you than someone who will send you a life line when you are in trouble? However the Universe works when you are sinking financially, psychologically, spiritually, and physically and from out of no where some one appears to help you, are you not totally indebted and filled with endless gratitude? Such was the case for me when Ms. Taylor helped me this past year with my mortgage. I was caught in a life or death financial crises.  When one broker mysteriously disappeared (did not return phone calls or respond to my completed financial work packets), Ms. Taylor not only stepped in, but used her expertise to creatively find a solution in another loan product. Moreover and most amazing to me, she made me feel that not only did she understand my personal crises, but that she personally took on the seriousness of my situation as if it was her own. Her kindness and compassion deeply touched my heart. Her creativity, and persistence "blew-me-away!" She showed her sincerity that if one loan scenario didn't work, she certainly knew the loan business so well that she quickly found another loan that would work. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to someone who would be the "Calvary" for me when I needed help the most. Again, thank you so much, Tiffany and the staff at Platinum Funding.


 Hannah Huggins- Huntington Beach, Ca

“I have worked with Tiffany Taylor for several years. Her professionalism, knowledge and passion of the Real Estate and Mortgage industry is inspiring. She works very hard keeping up with the daily changes and market trends, which is a difficult task these days. Platinum Funding is extremely busy during this time where other lenders are hungry for business. Tiffany works extraordinarily hard to assure the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.”


Joshua T. Costa Mesa- 7/22/2010

I recently wrapped up a refinance with Platinum Funding, and came away feeling extremely satisfied with the level of service and genuine care Platinum provided. The refi market was very busy during my processing time, but that did not prevent Platinum from exceeding my expectations by assisting in the funding of my loan within 3 weeks! That probably isn't the norm during busy times, but I get the sense that Platinum will do what it takes to keep the ship moving as quickly as possible. Tiffany Taylor and the rest of the crew were very professional and service was a real pleasure completing this loan with Platinum Funding!



Holly M. Trabuco Canyon, CA- 6/22/2005

I have purchased and refinanced several houses over the last 15 years with many different brokers. I'm quite thankful to now have Tiffany Taylor/Platinum Funding as "my mortgage broker" Tiffany has handled the last 2 refinances that I did. She is honest, smart, hardworking, ethical and a true professional. She is true to her word, delivering the loan on time, on budget and always available to answer any questions. When you combine her professionalism and the exceptional rates and fees she offers, she can't be beat.  


Theresa P. Irvine, CA 8/22/10

I highly recommend Platinum Funding for your mortgage purchase and refinance needs.  I have worked with Platinum Funding on several occasions.  They provided great service with honesty, integrity, passion and negotiated the best loan possible for me. I continually recommend Platinum Funding to my family and friends.



Liza K. Davis, CA 3/3/2001

This is the first time I have ever conducted business online beyond purchasing from catalogs. Platinum Funding supported me every moment of my experience. They responded to my queries and anxious moments immediately and with assurance, to the point of every line on the loan documents. They negotiated on my behalf expertly and to MY benefit, saving me $$. I am entirely pleased with Platinum Funding and recommend without reservations.


John M. Costa Mesa, CA- 11/10/2009

This is the first time I've ever done an online review.  But thought it was a good idea to share my experience with other consumers looking  for an honest mortgage company.  I was given all the loan papers at the beginning of the deal, and when the rates went down I ended up getting a lower rate than I was first quoted. I made a point to take the original paperwork with the breakout of all the fees with me to the final documents signing, and compared everything line for line and was pleased to see that fees were $4 less than quoted.
Great experience, would refer my friends and family to them.